Mar. 25th, 2020 03:37 pm
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Obligatory HMD post! I'll have comment screening, anon on and IP logging off and the works so please post any concerns or comments here!
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[ Because kissing gets threads busy :D ]
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[ooc: Okay since I need a change of pace, this post basically consists of Sabrina (home from Island, but retaining her memories) traveling around in her linen closet that can transport her almost anywhere...! Let's see where 'anywhere' brings her. To keep this neat, in the subject line of comments, please put what world/universe she has landed in. Open forever.]


Phew! Was the linen closet always this smokey Aunt Zelda--...

... Oops. This isn't where I'm supposed to be.


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Deb, hey Deb! *A*

Just kidding lol. :x But for serious, this is for you! Thanks for being such a sweetie! *3*
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[Because Mai is a failure, this post shall be used to catch up with mistletoe event people I missed, and a Secret Santa gift giving. I'll be posting with my characters on this journal so the people I've missed for mistletoe are...

Santa's List, Not Rly )

Aaaand I believe that's all /o You can also post on here if you want to just generally talk to my characters about something.]
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Why am I being such a horrible lazy person rofl.

Reply here if you want to know what Sabrina thinks of your character if they've met already. And now to listen to Spanish guitar and tango music. Thanks a lot Deb. *w*;

Fun Fact: Aka Mai's procrastination knows no bounds. Luna looked this up while doodling for moi and found out that Melissa Joan Hart, the actress that plays Sabrina is 5'2-3 in height. Yeah. She's short. :(( B

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